Development of a Multiplex Bead Assay for Simultaneous Serodiagnosis of Antibodies against Mycobacterium bovis, Brucella suis, and Trichinella spiralis in Wild Boar

The aim of this study was to evaluate the diagnostic performance of a multiplex bead assay for the simultaneous detection of antibodies against Mycobacterium bovisBrucella suis, and Trichinella spiralis. Sera from Eurasian wild boar of known serological status for TB (64 seropositive, 106 seronegative), Brucella (30 seropositive, 39 seronegative), and Trichinella (21 seropositive, 97 seronegative) were used for the development and evaluation of the assay. Magnetic beads coated with recombinant MPB83 antigen (TB), a whole-cell B. suis 1330 antigen, and an E/S T. spiralis antigen were used for the detection of specific antibodies using Bio-Rad Bio-Plex technology. The sensitivities (Se) and specificities (Sp) of the multiplex assay were, for M. bovis, 0.98 and 0.86; for B. suis, 1.00 and 0.97; and for T. spiralis, 0.90 and 0.99 (Se and Sp, respectively). The results show the diagnostic potential of this assay for the simultaneous detection of antibodies against M. bovisB. suis, and T. spiralis in wild boar

Authors: Antonia Touloudi, George Valiakos, Shaun Cawthraw, Polychronis Kostoulas, Christian Gortázar, Mariana Boadella, Alexios Giannakopoulos, Periklis Birtsas, Marina Sofia, Labrini V Athanasiou, Maria Satra, Zoi Athanasakopoulou, Maria Kantere, Vassiliki Spyrou, Liljana Petrovska, Charalambos Billinis

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