We provide services and improvement programs for hunting farms

Hunting farms need specialized support to be more competitive in an increasingly demanding market.

From Sabiotec we give tools and advise the farms in:

  • Health. We diagnose tuberculosis in deer and wild boar, by intradermal test (tuberculin) and in serum, respectively.
  • Genetics. The selection of the best breeding animals is essential for a good management of a deer farm. For this we have genetic tools such as:
    • Paternity Assignment
    • Inbreeding Analysis
    • Iberian deer certification

We do genetic studies in wildlife

Knowing the genetic status of a population of ungulates, especially deer, is an essential tool for the improvement of trophies of a preserve and especially before introducing new animals, so that you can get the most out of that introduction and therefore make profitable much better investment

Through CIBIO's genetic tools, we can study characters that concern farm managers such as genetic variability and consanguinity

Census of wildlife species

In order to manage a population of fauna, it is essential to know their numbers and their structure of sexes and ages. In Sabiotec we use proven census methods, published and accepted by the international scientific community

Allows comparison between farms, years, treatments, etc. (possibility to easily compare some results with others obtained by the same procedure).

  • We can use the data for health plans.
  • ABeing contrasted and published methods, you can use them with public administrations.
  • They have lower staff cost and effort than the estimate of absolute numbers.

IBERODEER: We certify the Iberian genetic purity of the deer

IBERODEER, detection of Iberian purity in deer DNA

In the Iberian Peninsula, the Iberian deer (Cervus elaphus hispanicus) is the only native subspecies, but the growing economic interest of big game in Spain has led to the introduction of animals mainly from European populations (considered exotic).

Therefore, it was mandatory to carry out DNA tests on deer trophies hunted after 2012 and which will be included in the top five of the national classification.

By means of molecular techniques that analyze the DNA, the presence of exotic genes for the Iberian deer is detected, and therefore it can be determined if its trophy is homologous

Sabiotec works with the research group Congen-CIBIO, a pioneer in population genetics of wild species. IBERODEER is for:

  • Deer farms that want to certify the Iberian purity of their breeders and therefore make their offspring suitable for release to the environment without the need for subsequent DNA tests.
  • Hunting farms that want to certify the Iberian status of their deer populations.
  • A Public administrations that want to control the genetics of deer movements, as established by legislation.
  • Hunters who want to homologate their deer trophies.

Why choose IBERODEER?


Analysis of the environmental presence of microbacteria

Environmental contamination with the mycobacteria of the Mycobacterium tuberculosis Complex (MTC, which causes tuberculosis) can play a very important role in the spread of tuberculosis. The survival of these bacteria in the environment can be months if certain conditions occur.

PTherefore, thanks to the collaboration with VISAVET, we have developed a system to detect these bacteria that cause tuberculosis, in the environment.

ESTUGA is a rapid system for the detection of the bacteria that causes tuberculosis in environmental samples of livestock farms. With this we can know if the bacteria is present and therefore if there is a riesgo of animals becoming infected.

This makes it possible to manage the risk of a possible tuberculosis infection much better, and among other things:

  • Know the areas of the farm with the highest risk of infection
  • Perform prevention work against TB on the farm
  • Certify the absence of the bacteria after a sanitary emptying