Analysis of the environmental presence of microbacteria

Environmental contamination with the mycobacteria of the Mycobacterium tuberculosis Complex (MTC, which causes tuberculosis) can play a very important role in the spread of tuberculosis. The survival of these bacteria in the environment can be months if certain conditions occur.

PTherefore, thanks to the collaboration with VISAVET, we have developed a system to detect these bacteria that cause tuberculosis, in the environment.

ESTUGA is a rapid system for the detection of the bacteria that causes tuberculosis in environmental samples of livestock farms. With this we can know if the bacteria is present and therefore if there is a riesgo of animals becoming infected.

This makes it possible to manage the risk of a possible tuberculosis infection much better, and among other things:

  • Know the areas of the farm with the highest risk of infection
  • Perform prevention work against TB on the farm
  • Certify the absence of the bacteria after a sanitary emptying