UPA-UCE demands more control of wildlife to stop tuberculosis

At a press conference, the head of the agrarian organization ASAJA, assured that it has been "seven months" since this organization asked the Extremadura Regional Government's Advisory Council on the Environment, what measures were to be taken to end the main vectors of tuberculosis transmission.

"The Government of Mr. Vara has had time to make decisions on this matter and has not done so. In addition, it no longer has an excuse that there is no budget because it already exists, "he stressed, while acknowledging that the" effort "made by the General Directorate of Agriculture and Livestock that has enabled an agreement with the Ministry of Agriculture to make flexible the movement of farms.

The Ibores or the north of the province, which are the ones that present the most cases of bovine tuberculosis. "Unfortunately we have to report because we are tired of so many promises," concluded García Blanco, who recalls that permission has been given in the Community of Madrid to kill 2,500 wild boars for this same problem.

Source: Environment