I Premio Iniciativa Emprendedora de Castilla-La Mancha

I Castilla-La Mancha Entrepreneurial Initiative Award

It is ours. This award is the result of the effort of a great team, anonymous people who without their good work would not be visible. This award encourages us to continue on this path and gives us the opportunity to thank you for your time and commitment

This event took place on November 9 in Cuenca to congratulate both the awarded companies and the finalists "for the important work they do in our land as a fundamental link in the economic and social progress of this region", before claiming for entrepreneurs "the social prestige they deserve, as their tenacity, effort, commitment and sacrifice capacity contribute to creating wealth and employment in our cities and towns."

The head of Economy, Business and Employment, Patricia Franco, stressed that this award implies for the awarded companies "a commitment to help us to be an example as driving companies with a dynamic effect on the economy and employment". That makes Sabiotec recognized as "an example of a company for its drive to create."

Sabiotec thanks this award and takes the opportunity to ask the institutions not to forget us, that we need their support to continue advancing and progressing, since the effects of research in terms of profitability and efficiency can be prolonged in the very long term.