We start a new research project and with a new member in the team

The General Directorate of Universities, Research and Innovation of the JCCM has granted us aid for the hiring of technologists in companies and technology centers, within the framework of the youth employment operational program, for the project that we present «New tools for the improvement of diagnosis and control of animal tuberculosis (TB) ».

Julio Isla, Graduated in Veterinary Medicine from the University of Córdoba, and with the Master of Medicine, Health and Animal Improvement, is the new addition to SABIOTEC

Julio will have primary tasks in the research and development project for the combined use of new tools to improve the diagnosis and control of animal tuberculosis (TB). The project proposes to test the efficacy of the combination of a new serological test and a new diagnosis of environmental DNA for the early detection of TB in livestock and hunting farms in order to improve its health status, and therefore its profitability.

This is a project in which research must be combined to determine the efficacy of the two diagnoses, with the evaluation and analysis of the potential of the results obtained in the experimental part to bring them to the market. Therefore, it is a project that combines applied R&D with the prospecting of new markets.

Sabiotec intends to train Julio under the direction of our CEO Mariana Boadella, his work will be carried out in complete coordination with the rest of the team and with the SaBio group (IREC).