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Once the hunting season is finished, preparations for the next one begins. For proper planning, it is necessary to know the inventory and population d

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Environmental DNA detection

Environmental DNA detection as evaluation of tuberculosis risk factors for cattle in multi-host settings

The control and eradication of animal Tuberculosis continues to be a challenge when several domestic and wild hosts contribute to the maintenance of t

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Con el ácaro en el punto de mira

With the mite in the spotlight

Methods for monitoring the population of the red mite in chickens (ARG), Dermanyssus gallinae

Proper monitoring can detect ARG infestation

In a previous post we already explained the health, economic and well-being problems that an infestation with Dermanyssus gallinae brings. Now we propose different scenarios and they will depend on the type of answer to a very simple question: Do you have mites on your farm?

If the answer is yes, you find yourself in conditions shared by more than 90% of the egg producers in Spain. If the answer is no, there are two possibilities: you belong to the exclusive chicken-free red mite (ARG) “club”, or else you are infested and you are not aware.

Whatever your answer is, our recommendation is that periodic evaluations of the infestation level be carried out, since by means of adequate monitoring, infestations by ARG can be detected early or it facilitates decision-making to determine when to apply a treatment.

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El ácaro rojo: el enemigo en la oscuridad de las gallinas

The red mite: the enemy in the dark of the chickens

In the world of poultry, laying hens face a problem that is not new, but increasingly serious. It is the Dermanyssus gallinae, also known as the red c

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Avances en la lucha frente a la Peste Porcina Africana (PPA)

Progress in the fight against African Swine Fever (ASF)

The African Swine Fever or ASF is currently one of the biggest concerns of the livestock and hunting sector in Spain.

It is a viral disease that affec

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Mixomatosis en la liebre ibérica

Myxomatosis in the Iberian hare

We compile the available information on the outbreak of myxomatosis that occurred in the summer of 2018 in Iberian hare

With the publication on August

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